Vicamb: psychedelic music

A complete artist, Viclambart has not yet finished making people talk about him, and probably won't. After clothing in streetwear and sportswear style, drawings, posters and graphics with psychedelic inspirations (psychedelic), comics and others, the artist recently released his first music album in his image: “Welcome to the Fabulous Viclamb”. Psychedelic music at will, from hiphop, pop, rap, jazz, nerdcore rock to psychedelic style (psychedelic). Two albums in cooperation with the Afrikan artist Demon One. But who is Viclambart really? What kind of music is there? Learn more about it in this guide.

Viclambart, The Buddha of the Rap Game

Viclambart is an artist of Franco-Congolese origin who discovered his vocation in several fields including drawing, posters and graphics, psychedelic music (psychedelic), and clothing fashion. Indeed, he has his own brand and clothing collection, on the BDFLVL Gallery Concept store , the Psychedelic fashion streetwear art de Luxe as he nicknamed it.

We also know the artist with his nickname Jalel Urkel, or the Buddha of the Rap Game. Viclambart was born in France, in Paris, on January 27, 1992. The artist grew up in Paris, in the districts of 16 Paris 9.

Viclamb, where it all began

Viclambart fell seriously ill in 2014, and he had to stop his studies. Because of this disease, Viclambar almost ended up on the streets and even in a psychiatric hospital. But it was the sign of the beginning of a new career for him. Indeed, Viclambart invented a psychedelic world (psychedelic), thanks to his delusions, hallucinations and personal psychosis (manifestation of the psychedelic movement). A psychedelic world that he named Viclamb. It is mainly thanks to psychedelia and this psychedelic fashion (psychedelic) that Viclambart was able to fight his illness, the suicidal thoughts he had, as well as his despair. In his psychoses, Viclambart mainly did artistic, spiritual and intellectual work. Work and creation that resulted in “Welcome to the Fabulous Viclamb”, and a brand of clothing collection, resulting from the marriage of Afro and Asian (or Blasian) culture, as a victory.

Faith and Psychedelic Music

Spiritual work (the very essence of the psychedelia movement), where he created the Majestic PEACOCK movement (this is how he described God) and the spirit of the Ishes, helped Viclambart a lot in his creation, especially in psychedelic music. Artist with multiple musical facets, Viclambart makes Rap, Nerdcore (nerdcore rock, nerdcore rap), Pop, Rnb, and also Jazz music, without dissociating all this from the psychedelic style (psychedelic), which has made its reputation in the world of drawing and graphics and psychedelic music (psychedelic art). In his musical style, the artist Viclmabart always refers to artists and illustrious movement figures of the 90s, such as Notorious BIG, Martin Luther King, Hide Kojima, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tupac Shakur, or General Lafayette, and even Metal Gear Solid. In his own psychedelic world, the Viclambart, Viclambart tells his story in “Welcome to the Fabulous Viclamb”.

Experimental hip-hop music

A single album in two stages, “Welcome to the Fabulous Viclmab marks the beginning of a love affair between Viclambart and psychedelic (psychedelic) music. It was released on October 30, 2022. Although in two copies, it is one and the same album, leaking from the cooperation between Viclambart and Afrikan Demon One. The first opus is composed of 13 titles, and is composed only of instrumental. You can find the titles:

  • The alphabet ;

  • Afrikan Demon one;

  • Borderline;

  • Buddha;

  • Christ;

  • Congolese ;

  • Soulmate ;

  • Love;

  • Paris ;

  • Breastplate;

  • pokemon;

  • Viclamb;

  • And Kyubi.

The second part has 25 titles. Psychedelic (psychedelic) songs and music produced by Viclambart and Afrikan Demon One. The Lyrics are also by Viclambart and Afrikan Demon One, credited by BDLFVL Music 2022. For the instrumental, we count in particular the cooperation with Charbon - Booba, the group Nrv - Karis, Let's Get blown - snoop x Pharrel, Slow Jamz - Kanye West , Fun Naming Group - Nitendo, Bein Friend - Nitendo, and Chew - Rustie.

For the musical genre, we can appreciate the musical style hip hop, hiphop rap psychedelic, jazz, nerdcore rock, psychedelic pop (psychedelic pop).

The titles look like this:

  1. Borderline;

  2. love;

  3. Fun;

  4. Highway;

  5. Soulmate ;

  6. Kyubi;

  7. Deadly ;

  8. Hardcore;

  9. pokemon;

  10. Soft ;

  11. Honor ;

  12. The alphabet ;

  13. Spooky;

  14. Psychedelic;

  15. Sonoko;

  16. Breastplate;

  17. Afrikan Demon One;

  18. Christ;

  19. ectoplasm;

  20. Congolese ;

  21. Buddha;

  22. Perrotin Gallery;

  23. Paris ;

  24. Metal Gear;

  25. And Vichamb.

Inspiration from Blasian culture

Although the artist Viclmabart lives in Paris, France, the inspiration for these works of art goes far beyond borders. Indeed, whether it be the music, the clothing collection, the graphics or the drawings, Viclambart was above all inspired by the mixture of African and Asian origins. The emergence of k pop culture (music and dance) allowed the psychedelic world of Viclamb to spread across the world. Afro-American music and style, carried in Blasian (Afro-Asian) music, combined with the psychedelic style of the artist and Afrikan Demon One, gave birth to music with different colors (hiphop musical style, rap , rock, jazz, …) from this album “Welcome to the fabulous Viclamb”.

Psychedelic art and music

And why do we say creation, art and psychedelic music? Why do we say psychedelia? Quite simply because his creation (music, graphics, painting, etc.) is the manifestation of the artistic movement brought by Viclambart when he was delirious, or psychedelic movement (psychedelic art as they say). Indeed, the psychedelic movement, or psychedelia, is the manifestation of the artist's spirit. Viclambart found inspiration in these delusions when he was sick. Inspirations that currently lead to the various forms of art that he puts in vogue today, including the psychedelic music conveyed in through this musical creation.

Also, you can appreciate the manifested spirit of Viclmab's psychedelia, via this good music in “Welcome to the fabulous Viclmab” on different platforms such as youtube, and of course, on the artist's website www.viclambart.com, where you can also admire and consume without moderation for a few years, the fruit of his other psychedelic creations (psychedelic art) such as the collection of clothing (Polar bear collection for example), comic strip (Gospel of Viclamb), or drawing and other posters and graphics.