FASHION NERDCORE ART exhibition by the artist VICLAMBART at the baril Lyon 6eme

Do you like art and streetwear? Are you looking for original techwear that conveys an alternative and psychedelic universe? For all skateboarders, bmx and scooter enthusiasts, urban dancers, but also for aesthetes fond of underground culture, discover in this article the world of VICLAMBART , Franco-Congolese artist-designer-composer, who is inspired by the cultures of East Asia in its artistic expression.

To explore the concept of this artist without borders, one must first understand the origins of the Blasian movement and its impact on art and streetwear.



What is Blasian Art ?

Afro-Asian art is a modern movement, without a leader or organization, which is characterized by the use of Asian motifs, seen through the prism of African culture. This artistic movement on the borders of African and Asian cultures goes through an abundant use of color, abstract or geometric shapes, associated with religious and mythological figures from the South Asian basin. However, Blasian art is not limited only to painting, but also seeps into music, video, fashion and design.

Blasian art is vibrant with color and life, with unique patterns and undeniable charm. Many celebrities claim to be from this culture such as Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson, Kimora Lee or Hines Ward. It is therefore a movement that is gaining momentum and is beginning to obtain international recognition.

Who are the Blasians?

The Afro-Asians, who are also called Blasian in English by contraction of the terms black and asian, are a population resulting from Western and Middle Eastern colonization from the 7th to the 19th century. Part of this population is called Siddi and lives in Pakistan and India.

Originally brought to India as slaves to serve in the army and the administration, these saw their roles modified by the appearance of the Portuguese in the South Asian territory to become servants in the service of the Westerners. Many African-Asians therefore fled their slave condition to take refuge in Pakistan, but also in Sri Lanka, to form the community of Kaffirs.

Another origin of the emergence of this minority is related to the American occupation in the peaceful territory after the Second World War and this, until the end of the Cold War between the United States and the USSR. There are many Afro-Asian people in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Their history is therefore marked by oppression and discrimination; this painful story permeates all Blasian art but also celebrates the mixing of cultures.

The inspirations of the Blasian movement

Beyond the visual inspirations of Afro-Asian artists, who have their roots in the traditional colors and patterns of the African and Asian continents, the intention of this current is to break the confines of Western modernism, to let cultures express themselves. mixed.

The Afro-Asian art movement reflects artists' special relationship with their plural cultures, and their struggle to obtain a space of expression in which to exist for themselves. Identity, personal dilemma, cultural change and displacement are common themes in the work of artists from the Blasian movement, which has its roots in collective consciousness and anti-colonial struggles in their respective countries, whether of the country to which the artist is culturally, ethically or geographically linked.

The Black Lives Matter movement as well as the increased discrimination suffered during the Covid by Asians and Afro-Asians have highlighted the importance, still relevant, of giving more voice and representation to these communities, against hatred and ignorance.

Blasian art sheds welcome light on questions of inter-minority interbreeding; this current has grown and gained visibility in recent years thanks to the emergence of local artists such as VICLAMBART , who from France celebrates the Afro-Asian imagination and aesthetics.

The Viclambart exhibition at Pan'Art (Lyon 6th)

VICLAMBART is a Franco-Congolese mixed-race artist, who frees himself from codes in order to marry cultures (African, Asian, European) and genres (streetwear, luxury, music and graphic art).

During his exhibition at Pan'Art, located 47 Rue Garibaldi, 69006 Lyon, VICLAMBART dazzled us with an explosion of colors and shapes, to make us travel in the meanders of the mind and take us into a strange and psychedelic universe. .

On his “ trip”tych , creatures with impossible shapes look at us, half-threatening, half-amused. A psyche and dreamlike atmosphere, a little surreal, emerges from the large canvases that taunt us from their colorful world resembling hallucinogenic delirium. Something mystical connects these three canvases: a communion of shapes and colors, an inner vision of the psyche, and countless levels of reading.

The colors and shapes seem abstract, incoherent but concretize a powerful omnipotence, referring to the absoluteness of nature, to the smallness of human beings and to a future that seems uncertain but joyful. We feel through this work the author's desire to communicate his philosophy without going through words, playing with our feelings.

The surrealism of the figures in the painting does not refer to anything human, and yet human nature seems to be omnipresent. The figures represented evoke deities, inviting the viewer into their strange world.

Indeed, depending on whether one approaches or moves away from the canvases, unexpected patterns appear, the lines move, the paintings and the creatures (the ISHES) come to life...

Resolutely inscribed in the psychedelic movement, this triptych by VICLAMBART , entitled “ MEGA-ISHES DE LA PSYCHOSE XXX ” “transported” us, as the works of this current do, by “showing the soul”. And VICLAMBART 's soul surprised us, to say the least! But we loved this interdimensional and intercultural trip in which these paintings plunged us, far from the uniformity of everyday life and narrow artistic conventions.

Beyond the monstrous vision, the works presented seemed to us to convey a sense of unity, giving us the impression that everything and everyone was connected: “one is all, all is one” according to the values ​​of the figures of the psychedelic current...

We come out of the reading of this triptych as we wake up from a hot summer dream, like a hallucination which would have struck us; the impression of having experienced something tangible and at the same time ineffable.

Among VICLAMBART 's other works exhibited at Pan'Art , his portrait of an unknown woman gives off an impression of solemnity and royalty. From this portrait (of a Sonoko-Chan? Should we see a reference to Detective Conan?), we feel an influence of the self-portraits of Frida Kahlo, by the colors used, the pose and the noble air of the subject, but also to works by Klimt; from the top of her canvas, the young girl gazes at us, surrounded by a background that reminds us of primitive art but also of new art.

As you approach, you can make out the logo of a major luxury brand. The background takes us back to the printed fabrics of scarves, mixing chains, golden logo and wild animal fur. In short, this portrait of a young girl of Asian heritage seems to truly represent the junction between Africa, the West and Asia. The marriage of the three continents is at the heart of VICLAMBART 's philosophy, and this painting demonstrates it well.

VICLAMBART seems to us to be a spiritual descendant of Robert Combas and Jean-Michel Basquiat: one for his crazy and colorful universe, and his free interpretation of the figure; the other for its claims, its ethnic inspirations and its desire to try out new mediums. In the case of VICLAMBART , artistic expression is also protean, with a search for contemporary modes of expression, going beyond the traditional framework of painting, to reach a wide audience. The use of fashion, in particular, as a vector for its message testifies to a reappropriation of a medium that is usually standardized and sanitized, in the era of fast fashion and cultural overconsumption.

We came out of this opening with psychedelic shapes in our eyes and heads. We can't wait to see more of VICLAMBART 's works, exhibited in a place suitable to welcome his cross-media universe, and to go further in the surreal journey that the artist has imagined.

If you missed VICLAMBART 's exhibition, you can find photos of his creations on his Instagram account @viclambart, or go to to acquire his works. His large psychedelic canvases, one meter by seventy centimeters, designed as a triptych and painted in acrylics can notably be purchased for €25,000 on the online store.

Shop streetwear influenced by Blasian Art

VICLAMBART gives life to his creations through works intended to adorn the walls, but also his range of streetwear clothing, which proudly bears impressions of artistic visuals of which he is the designer. On the shop, you will find his articles with Korean, Japanese and African inspirations.

The BDLFVL concept store, which means “ Welcome to the fabulous Viclamb ”, was created in 2019 by VICLAMBART to offer luxury streetwear items, and offers a rich catalog of lifestyle clothing and accessories. You will find original, exclusive and innovative designs, oriented streetwear, techwear , chic, arty and psychedelic.

The goal is to offer a total experience, with new clothes, unique paintings, limited edition accessories and posters, and music, all part of an original universe imagined by VICLAMBART in his graphic novel entitled "THE GOSPEL OF VICLAMB”. In the latter, the psychedelic philosophy that irrigates all his art is revealed: the universal union, the harmony between men and mysterious creatures, the ISHES, the presence of spirits responsible for maintaining balance and spreading good word of an omniscient Peacock.

In short, the artist and his concept store want to convey a light and offbeat message of love. If you like alternative culture, Afro-Asian inspirations, electro and wacky indie influences, you will find what you are looking for in the VICLAMBART store. Ode to subversivity, to pop colors, to tribal motifs, to psychedelic delusions, to underground culture; for all funk lovers, all skateboarders, geeks, nerds, lovers of Japanese prints, K-POP, trash garage, US rap legends, cartoons and black humor, at the on the lookout for an ideal transgressive and provocative style; you are welcome in the VICLAMB .

Like his works that go beyond the established framework, VICLAMBART does not limit himself to the confines of clothing design and satisfies his insatiable need for creation in other fields, such as music or cinema.

For fans of pop culture, video games and Japan, the themes explored by the artist VICLAMBART will echo their sensitivity: we find in particular in the artist's collections references to the series of games Metal Gear Solid and genius designer Hideo Kojima. This influence is felt in the MEGA-ISHES, these psychedelic and colorful creatures painted in acrylic on large canvases and which refer to METAL-GEAR machines. The Psychose clothing collection also showcases the world of Kojima, with abstract patterns referring to Metal Gear Solid characters printed on hoodies, pants and Bermuda shorts.

VICLAMBART 's inspirations don't stop at the Japanese stealth game. The All Stars collection, for example, is a tribute to celebrities, printed in medallions on hoodies and pants.

On the VICLAMBART shop, you will therefore find pieces influenced by the African continent, South Korea and France, which pay homage to Afro-Asian culture through luxury creations, to wear or display.

More than a clothing designer, a music composer or a luxury designer, VICLAMBART is a complete artist, who creates his own codes and his universe; come take a tour of his lair for a trip that will not leave you indifferent.