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The Polar Bear collection at the heart of contemporary art

Contemporary art includes all works of art from the 20th century to the present day. As art, it encompasses all works of art: drawing, painting, acrylic, sculpture, graphics and many others. For the artist Viclambart , all his works of art turn to graphic design and artistic illustrations on clothing. This does not prevent him from opening up to other horizons such as drawings and comics. But in the world of viclamb, drawing, graphics and illustrations on clothing is the very essence of his art, as evidenced by the clothing line Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear). The result of a collaboration with other artists and the Amelot workshop, the works of art of the Polar bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear) is a preview of a whole history of street-art on streetwear, currently in the BDLFVL concept store gallery . Discover more details about this collaboration and about the history of the Polar Bear works (polar bear or white bear) through this text.

Viclamb and contemporary art

Chronologically, contemporary art follows modern art, which was started by the impressionists between 1850 and 1945. Art movements that emerged after World War II are considered contemporary art. This goes for pop art, Fluxus, concept art and video art. Contemporary art characterizes new models of behavior, in particular the renewal of style, the use of new technologies and the artistic interbreeding due to the diversity of origins, as is the art in the Viclamb, fruit of interbreeding of culture Afro, Asian, and European. If contemporary art is based on the experiments of modern art, it is moving more and more towards plastic art. Works of art are presented by specialized galleries (such as the BDFLVL gallery), companies, museums, state budgetary institutions, private collectors or the artists themselves, following the example of Viclambart.

The Amelot workshop and TH Gallery

The Amelot workshop is a workshop specializing in textile marking, digital printing, screen printing, flocking and embroidery. But it is also a workshop that is located in both Paris and Lille, France. The Amelot workshop is characterized by three major activities, including the publishing of brands such as TH gallery , or FAUX, silkscreen and digital textile printing. And finally, event organization.

In 2012, the artist t-shirt brand TH Gallery presents its new clothing line. For the Who's next event, TH Gallery presents collaborations with emerging art designers and fashion artists such as David Shillinglaw (London), Martin Rautureau / Mamzel (Paris), ADEK (Paris), Paul Lombard (Paris ), Jallel Urkel and Child Midori (Paris), Michael Gillette (San Francisco), Ben slow (London) ), Cesc (Barcelona), Chase (Los Angeles)

All limited edition shirts are made from organic cotton. They are all sold in a 33 rpm cover, both historic and avant-garde, which takes up the image published on the T-shirt and allows the artist and his works of art to be presented in a exposure.

TH Gallery even presented the "Unisex" clothing line, the baby-child clothing line from 3 months. From this year the women's clothing line with real feminine cuts, fine and light cotton, rolled up sleeves. “Made in France”: All T-shirts are printed at Atelier Amelot at 125 rue Amelot in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear)

The polar bear (polar bear or white bear) has a special characteristic. The polar bear or white bear (polar bear), which lives in the arctic and the northern part of Canada is agile, fast and powerful. It is their environment (drift broken ice) that gave the polar bear this agility and speed, because the polar bear had to know at a long distance.

The clothing line Polar Bear (or polar bear or white bear) is a collaboration between the artist Viclambart and the Amelot workshop in 2012. It was among the works in collaboration with TH Gallery, one of the workshop's brands. That year, this work bore the Jallel & Child Midori signature. These series of Polar bear T-shirts (polar bear or white bear) were, in fact, the result of in-depth research, tests, as well as the fruit of the creativity of the artist Viclambart. For this artist, with a Blasian or Afro-Asian culture, work is the main value of art. And hard work always bears fruit for his works of art. Indeed, in 2012, this work Polar Bear by the artist Viclambart, apart from its printing on a T-shirt, was all the rage. The illustration was featured on the album cover of Hip-hop Experimental that year. And not only that, the work Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear) was also among the guests of honor during the Who's Next (WNS) show in 2012, along with 3 other visuals. At the time, the clothing line Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear) by the artist Viclambart was even worn by a journalist from a famous television channel.

The Who's next show and the future of the Polar bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear)

The Who's Next (WNS) show marked the future of the Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear). Yes, because this Polar bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear) is still alive today. The work Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear) has become the very icon of streetwear and carries the torch of underground culture. Thanks to the efforts and hard work of the artist Viclambart, the work Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear), the polar bear or white bear which appeared in 2012 on the T-shirts of the Polar bear clothing in collaboration with the Amelot workshop still appears on the hoodis or hoodies of the BDLFVL Concept store gallery currently. This longevity is no coincidence. This is thanks to the Who's next trade show. The edition held in June-July 2012 bore the name of Prêt à Porter Paris, and it changed the destiny of many brands, including the works of art by the artist Viclambart, Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear ). Indeed, the show was launched on the first Saturday of sales (June 30, 2012) and all the clothes that were presented were selling like hot cakes. Gaining more notoriety thanks to this boost in sales, the Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear), this work by Viclambart marks a major step for the future of these works of art which today make up around ten work of streetwear, with a Blasian, underground and psychedelic style.

Parallel future for the Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear)

Viclambart created the Viclamb, where all these works of art live (drawing, graphics, acrylic, illustration on seats, pants, etc.). Currently, the Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear) is mainly composed of hoodies or white hooded sweatshirts with the main illustration and design of the Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear) which made its reputation in 2012. is the clothing style that has changed over time, but not the brand image carried by this Polar Bear work (polar bear or white bear).

The “You are not our savior” white unisex hoodie from the Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or polar bear) currently is a perfect example.

This comfy unisex pop art white hoodie has a soft exterior with a bright print and an even softer brushed wool interior (hence the name Polar Bear). As the polar bear or white bear (polar bear) which lives in the arctic and the north of Canada is white, the work of art Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear) of Viclambart, him also is in white. Perfect for cool evenings, the white sweatshirt is stylized, psychedelic. and this Polar Bear clothing line is intended to be streetwear, sportswear, and both fashionable and elegant.

At the same time, the series of T-shirts from the first Polar Bear work (polar bear or white bear) in collaboration with TH gallery still exist, and online women's clothing. This T Shirt from the Polar Bear clothing line (polar bear or white bear) is still available on the faux-paris site.

The street art and the clothing line Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear) of the Viclamb

Street art is a trend in contemporary urban art that developed at the end of the last century. Street art is defined as the art of urban public places found in the streets, on the walls, on the clothes called streetwear. An urban art to which we do not always pay attention, but which can hide beautiful surprises. This contemporary urban art comes in various forms: graffiti, stencil graffiti, poster making, pastel, drawing, acrylic, graphics, drawing and illustration on clothing and even video projection.

This type of urban contemporary art has a subversive value, the motivations of the artists are different. It's a platform for contemporary artists to express what they want and show it in the light of day for all to see. Street art flirts with illegality more than any other movement before it.

It is often said that street art is a vandal art, carrying a message, urban art never ceases to provoke, shock, move.

The origins of urban street art are not new. Men have always written on walls or illustrated on clothes. Whether in the time of the cavemen or even in ancient times with frescoes, people cannot help but write their history on supports like walls.

The Viclamb, this concept store by the artist Viclambart is a treasure trove when it comes to urban street art. You'll find everything from classic chalkboard drawings, to acrylic paintings, to portraits of artists and celebrities like Tupac Shakur, Steve Jobs, etc., and of course the white hoodie. Polar Bear (polar bear or white bear).