BDLFVL GALLERY - Underground streetwear concept store

It was in 2019 that the French concept store BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store was born. It presents the works of designer VICLAMBART , who draws his inspiration from Congo, South Korea, Japan and France. If you want to think outside the box when it comes to streetwear or techwear , BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store is the perfect address you can turn to.

Various inspirations for very original clothes/

VICLAMBART is a mixed-race French and Congolese artist who does not hesitate to break conventions and preconceptions in order to give life to his creations. That's why he relies on artistic illustrations and graphics to decorate his clothes. You will therefore find Korean, Japanese and African inspirations on the items that bear his signature. Moreover, the artist is not content to create clothing collections of great originality. He also realizes escapades in other fields such as music or cinema.

Moreover, you will only find VICLAMBART 's creations in his shop, that is to say at BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store. For those who don't know, BDLFVL stands for Welcome To The Fabulous VicLamb. A tour of the online store allows you to discover an eclectic universe where styles mix to offer the public clothes that are off the beaten track. You enter both a neat exhibition , a trendy box, as well as a boutique that is both chic and designer.

Hideo Kojima, a source of inspiration for VICLAMBART/

For years, VICLAMBART has continued to innovate and diversify its sources of inspiration. This allows it to present different collections to satisfy the taste of the general public and those who are passionate about its products. This is how the artist was inspired by video game creator Hideo Kojima. The latter notably distinguished himself thanks to the Metal Gear video game series. It sold more than 54 million copies between 1987 and 2015. You can also find some products more or less directly inspired by Hideo Kojila in some collections of BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store.

This is the case of VICLAMBART 's collection of felt-tip and posca drawings which display underground, alternative or psychedelic styles to the delight of fans of this mythical video game and collectors of the artist's creations. Moreover, whether you are a follower of the underground cartoon, popular, Japanese print , nerd or alternative style, the collection of hype and fashionable streetwear stickers by VICLAMBART available at BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store is likely to evoke the crazy and violent universe in your home. Metal Gear series, especially the Playstation 3 versions.

For fans of the Konami universe and Metal Gear Solid/

It was in 1986 that Hideo Kojima began working at Konami as a project manager or “game planner” in English. It is in this context that he produces Metal Gear on MSX2 . It is an action game that is the pioneer of the stealth game genre and remains very popular among the gaming public until today. But it was not until the release of the third episode of Metal Gear Solid on Playstation in 1998 that success was there. This is due to the quality of the screenplay as well as the excellence of the technical and graphic production. Thus, players will benefit from infinite possibilities, which does not fail to create a new experience and new sensations in the world of video games.

In this way, the Metal Gear Solid saga meets a worldwide success. Over the years, the various opuses are impatiently awaited by the public. And each release of a new episode is the subject of a spectacular media show. The collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Konami Digital Entertainment is then at its peak! This results in the appointment of the first to the post of vice-president of the company in April 2011. The followers of this saga number in the millions throughout the world.

Precisely, to please them and pay homage to this video game which has made millions of people happy, the artist VICLAMBART has included several references to Metal Gear Solid and Hideo Kojima in his collections. We can notably cite the Dark Mode style available only at BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store. It happily combines black and white patterns, while associating a combination with each piece if you choose a historical collection of the brand. To stand out and show your preferences, the online store offers unisex hoodies that you can wear or not with wide all-over pants that are also unisex. To perfect your outfit and show that you are on top of the trends, it is even possible to opt for a Smartphone shell that sports the same graphic and very original patterns.

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