Viclamb and streetwear is there for everyone

Initiated in the comic strip on the collaboration with Baptiste Szuwarski, the artist Viclambart has continued to exhibit his drawn arts reflecting his vision of current daily life. In a series of 5 vignettes, Viclambart (@viclambart) combined text and drawing of his image, and depicting underground culture, with his artwork and creation in a comic book graphic novel entitled “Gospel of Viclambar”. And when we talk about the creation of Viclambart, we are of course talking about streetwear, clothes and clothes in tribute to several African-American, Afro-Asian artists, or even other world celebrities. Love, celebration, the world, psychedelic worship, spirits, blasian fashion, etc., Viclambart has not skimped on words and colors to carry his art high. More details in this article.

Gospel of Viclamb: Graphic Novel

The artist Viclambart has not spared his inspiration, whether on the text, or on the drawings, to give birth to the comic strip graphic novel Gospel of Viclamb. A few series of cartoon vignettes not only to illustrate the page of his sales site viclambart.com, but above all to describe and imbue his clientele with his alternative art. As he writes in the first sentence of the first thumbnail of this comic: "It's all information actually." Indeed, Viclambart uses her talent to guide lovers of underground culture, Blasian or Asian Afro culture through a large set of streetwear (hoodies, pants, etc.).

In fact, it's an original way to present the fashionable Viclamb products. This bobo chic fashion from France, coupled with contemporary art, from the Blasian culture.

Love, the Peacock is Love

Presenting products from comics has never been so classy. Yet Viclamb did it. What could be better than using illustrations and artistic texts to sell. For him, each set, each piece of streetwear clothing tells a story. It is, indeed, these stories that he painted on the Gospel of Viclamb comic strips.

In his first plate, Viclambart evokes above all Love and the Peacock. As the artist says in this first vignette, the Peacock is love itself. For him, each word used in this comic designates a fashion in the shop's gallery. By LOVE, Viclambart mainly directs its readers towards the steetwear, the hoodie or Unisex Sonoko Design Hoody, also called Mishiru in its Blasian vocabulary. But in his comic strip story, Viclambart associates love with the PEACOCK. The artist describes the majestic PEACOCK and his spirit as the creator of Viclamb. For the store, the Peacock represents above all a set of chic hoodies and pants with all-over, psychedelic and streetwear hype prints.

Pain, suffering, pleasure, all this stops, it is ephemeral, but Love remains eternal.

This style of dress was born from the interbreeding of the African dress style or sapologie, and Korean k pop. Each piece in the PAON MAJESTUEUX collection pairs well with one or more pants to create a cohesive ensemble, but you can vary the pieces to create your own style. The PAON MAJESTUEUX ensemble is intended above all for dancers.

Psychedelic Cult

Still through this first comic strip, the artist Viclmabart invites his readers to join his Psychedelic cult. Also, his streetwear creations, he creates them to unify different cultures and styles (tribal, alternative, primitive, underground, afro, psychedelic, Blasian fashion (afro-asian), afro-asian). This Viclambart invitation takes you to discover the so-called Psychose or Psychosis collection, which combines Bermuda/hoodie and or pants. PSYCHOSIS takes over this collection of stylish and psychedelic streetwear bermudas, hoodies and pants, all-over prints.

In addition, the BDLFVL brand from Viclambart organizes a few events, associated with its streetwear clothing brand. A PARTY for everyone, which the artist puts at the center of his Psychedelic cult in this Gospel of Viclamb comic strip.

communication and the world

Information is the basis of communication. It is through it that the World communicates, even if it is not made of the same material. This is the revelation made by the artist through the second comic strip on the VICLAMB. For him, information is the spiritual world. Everything is a question of the spiritual world: light, electricity, magnetism, etc. And to Viclambart to end this vignette with the following question: “ In your opinion why did the PEACOCK say that he was the light of the WORLD?”

In its BDLFVL concept store, Viclambart associates the WORLD with the “VICLAMB ARCHITECTURE” or “VICLAMB ARCHITECTURE” collection, a combination of hoodie and pants.

For Viclambart, nothing is left to chance. Each garment has its own story, and each creation, art, architecture. As he explains through this set of Viclamb Architecture clothing, if you have a weakness for architecture in France, like that of the Georges Pompidou center in Paris, or that of the National Garnier opera, still in Paris, you can admire just as many in Viclamb's all-over print set. The architecture of this MONDE collection is colorful and psychedelic, where you can proudly wear chic hoodies and pants with a hype streetwear style.

Viclamb Architecture is characterized by fractal, technological, psychedelic, alternative, underground and Blasian fashion style.

The Viclamb and the stars in the spotlight in this comic strip

In Viclamb, everyone has their own part of the job. Despite the Chaos engendered by Lucia in the Viclamb, to destabilize the harmony that exists between the Humans and the Ishes, everyone can enjoy the Viclamb as they should. It is in these terms that we can sum up the third Opus of Viclambart's comic strip. The BDLFVL clothing brand is unique among all brands and current clothing style. It nevertheless has a fairly wide diversity in terms of clothing choices such as the Unisex collection of Polar Bear “You are not our Savior” hooded sweatshirts, representing the CHAOS of which the author, the artist speaks in this third comic strip. Or VICLAMB, unisex Martin Lur King Antique Viclamb hoodies.

Not to mention the “LES ISHES” collection, a kind of Bermuda-hoodie combination. An all-over print collection of chic Bermuda shorts and hoodies in a psychedelic style and hype streetwear. To spice up this fashion, it is accompanied by shorts for the bottom.

Finally, the Humans, which is represented by the ALL STARS. This collection represents the flagship products of the store's clothing brand. Indeed, you can find the reincarnation in Spirits of your favorite stars. Stars embodying hip-hop or psychedelic streetwear. With Psycho Snoop on the lead, this fashion clothing set (sweatshirts, pants, shorts) makes you relive hip-hop music icons like Tupac Shakur, Notorious Big, hip-hop and k-pop stars Jessi, and more. other stars like Steve Jobs, etc. And the list only grows as we collaborate with other artists.

Fashion that is intended for urban and underground chic style.

The Spirits of Vicamb

The “Gospel of Viclamb” comic strip represents in itself the Spirit of Viclamb, the philosophy on which Viclamb was created. The fourth page of this comic strip tells the story of the creation of VICLAMB from Man. Indeed, it is the dream of Men, judged by the Peacock, who have become the Spirits of Viclamb. Esprits et Hommes represents here the All Stars clothing set composed of hoodie and pants.

The invitation to discover the Vicamb

Surely not yet the last board for the comic strip of the artist Viclambart, the 5th opus of the comic strip for the page of viclambart.com is an open invitation for the discovery of the whole range of clothing in the streetwear style of the brand BDLFVL . Creations that deserve to bear the title of contemporary art. Although established in France, the arts of the artist Viclambart is the perfect example of the success of the influence of the Blasian culture (Afro Asian, Afro Asian) through the generations. This fashion has gained more and more popularity at the youth level, in the urban environment.

For the artist Viclambart, the Spirit is the most important. Through his clothing style (streetwear), these works of art (drawing, illustration, comic strip, etc.), the artist was able to bring together different cultures, but also musical styles (hip-hop, k-pop), dance and many more.

With the words "More power, more responsibility" from the 5th cartoon vignette "Gospel of Viclamb", the artist Viclambart marks the Spirit of cohesion the success of marriage of Afro-Asian or Blasian culture, not only in africa, nor in asia, but in Europe and in the rest of the planet, through the social networks. By wearing the works of art printed on the streetwear, it is that everyone agrees with his artist's point of view.

In short, the graphic novel Gospel of Viclamb is a comic summary of everything that represents Viclamb in general. His philosophy, the Spirit in which the artist Viclambart has imposed his marks through psychedelic drawings, sapologie and afro style clothing.