Enter the Void

These days, more and more people are looking to stand out, if only through their outfits. This pushes them to turn to shops that offer clothes adapted to their styles and that are off the beaten track. This is the case of BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store. This French concept store was born in 2019 and offers you in its shop a lifestyle at the same time, fashion, streetwear spotweat techwear , chic, even underground. This very original shop presents the creations of VICLAMBART, a mixed-race artist of French and Congolese origin.

With VICLAMBART, art has no borders

As a mixed-race artist, VICLAMBART never ceases to advocate the mixing of cultures and to draw inspiration wherever he can. This is how in a few years, BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store has become a temple of fashion music design art that increasingly appeals to milliners of all generations, art lovers, musicians, sappologists , etc Indeed, everyone can find original clothes to collect, drawings to adorn the walls of their office or living room, protective covers for their Smartphone, etc. A truly jack-of-all-trades artist, VICLAMBART does not refuse to venture into areas where he is not necessarily expected. This is the case with BDLFVL MUSIC which allows the public to discover the albums of musicians still little known to the public. The same goes for BDLFVL YANOS which offers you the opportunity to organize parties in an experimental, electronic, fresh and chic atmosphere. In short, a visit to the BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store allows you to discover an eclectic universe where art in all its forms is represented, to the delight of enthusiasts.

Collections inspired by different origins

Since for VICLAMBART, borders do not exist when we talk about art, it is normal that he draws his inspirations from the Congo as well as from Japan, South Korea or Japan. Also, expect to find in his BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store a mix of different cultures and various trends. At the turn of a collection, you will certainly notice that electro culture is put forward. In another, it's more indie or alternative culture. In any case, the humorous, quirky, cartoonish, even wacky spirit remains clearly visible in each of the pieces presented by the trendy boutique. For example, in the FEMMES DE PAON collection, the artist was largely inspired by famous Japanese prints. While for the DARK MODE collection, it displays rather a dark and garage trash style. In short, VICLAMBART never stops shaking up codes and pushing back the limits to let his imagination and overflowing creativity speak for itself. And the BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store is the perfect illustration of this.

A nod to the movie Enter the Void

This is how some of its collections are inspired by the hit film Enter the Void directed by Gaspar Noé. The film's screenplay was co-written by himself and Lucile Hadzihalilovic . Filming took place in Canada, namely Montreal and Quebec, as well as in Tokyo, Japan. The work was released in 2009. It participated in the Cannes Film Festival the same year and also in the Strange Festival Lyon in 2010. But the film received 2 awards at the Catalonia International Film Festival, namely the special prize of jury and the prize for best photography.

It should be noted that Enter the Void is not Gaspar Noé's first cinematographic work. Indeed, he has already directed several films before, including Alone Against All , Irreversible , Climax and Vortex . However, it was with Enter the Void that he began to find success. It must be said that the director used techniques considered avant-garde at the time, such as a subjective view, psychedelic credits, kaleidoscope photography, etc. This third feature film by Gaspar Noé has divided critics. On the one hand, there are the positive reviews which salute the experimental dream embodied in the work and which recognize the director's expertise in transcending the exercise of style. But on the other side, negative critics find the film ridiculous or that it runs dry despite the different styling effects.

In any case, Enter the Void leaves no one indifferent. This is precisely the goal of VICLAMBART through its creations. Whether it's his clothes with their well-defined style, flashy patterns and flamboyant and eye-catching colors, or his albums of experimental hip-hop style, VICLAMBART has deliberately chose to think outside the box. And it is precisely this originality and this desire not to follow the standards that constitute a common point between him and the director Gaspar Noé. You will therefore find this original, even subversive style in the collections of the Métis artist as well as on the shelves of the BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store.

A story that plays on the viewer's emotions

The storyline of Enter the Void also divides viewers: either you love it or you hate it. But it is difficult to remain unmoved by the story of Oscar and his sister Linda. The first is a small drug dealer in the big metropolis of Tokyo while the second is a stripper. One evening, Oscar goes to a bar called "The Void" where he has an appointment with a client. Once seated with the latter, the latter whispers "pardon" to him in an undertone. Oscar immediately understands that the latter has reported him to the police. He goes to the toilet to get rid of the drugs he has in his possession.

At the same time, the police burst into the bar. Oscar refuses to come out of the restroom, causing the police to shoot through the door. Hit to death, he feels his soul leaving his body. And it is this soul's journey through the streets of Tokyo that is told in the rest of the film. The effects of the camera make the spectator seem to float in the streets of the city, in deep silence. We feel here that Gaspar Noé was inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead which is also mentioned in the film. He also recognizes it in his interviews, even if he specifies that he was not 100% faithful to this work. But in general, he respected the staging in order to introduce the public to a luminous and dysfunctional journey. In addition, there are some sex scenes that may bother some viewers. It is the same with Linda's abortion with the images of the curettage and the dead fetus.

Similarly, it is possible that some clothes created by VICLAMBART shock the eyes of purists and fashionistas. However, if you love to attract attention or simply wear something original on your back, the collections available at BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store are made for you! They are not only comfortable, but also very showy and are the height of luxury . You have, for example, the BDLFVL CORPORATION unisex bomber jacket which is made from 100% polyester and features superb serged seams as well as a reinforced neckline. It also has a brushed fleece lining to keep you warm during your night outings. The fusion of colors on the sleeves, the edge of the pockets and the lower part of the jacket is the hallmark of VICLAMBART, as if it also plays with your emotions.

An address of choice for lovers of style

BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store is a veritable Ali Baba's cave if you are a fan of Afro-Asian , geek, colorful tribal, bobo bourgeois gentleman , funk, nerd, psychedelic or subversive styles. The same is true for followers of underground culture . As a blasian , VICLAMBART invites you to discover a multitude of cultures and styles, in order to feel good about yourself and your clothes. With this in mind, its concept store presents a wide choice of clothes and colors in order to harmonize with everyone's tastes. In addition to the unisex all-over hoodies, you can also let yourself be seduced by the caps, Bermuda shorts and jackets bearing the BDLFVL label.

It is also possible to buy smartphone covers, drawings and paintings to adorn your walls, as well as stickers. A visit to the BDLFVL GALLERY Concept Store portal will immerse you in a universe rich in color and originality. This allows you to reveal or assert your personality and feel good about yourself, without worrying about the gaze or judgment of others. It is this way of thinking that brings together the artist VICLAMBART and the director Gaspar Noé. In addition, the two characters always go after their idea. If the first launches into fashion as well as music or the organization of festivities, the second can on occasion abandon the director's costume to endorse that of screenwriter, producer, and even actor. Finally, they are all of mixed origin. Indeed, VICLAMBART is of Franco-Congolese origin while Gaspar Noé is of Franco-Argentinian origin. This is certainly why both of them do not put any boundaries in their creations.

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