Collab @VICLAMBART X @Leshistoirescourtes

Baptiste Szuwarski and Short Stories

Instagram has become a social network, where you don't just post pictures of your day; It has also become a giant online platform for artists to demonstrate and exhibit their talent. Les Histoires Courtes (leshisoirescourtes) is a perfect example of this, where several artists cooperate to illustrate daily life using comics or comic strips, each more original than the other on the Instagram social network. Viclambart, on Instagram or on his website, which conveys contemporary art, through his psychedelic and original drawings, is part of this circle. So, what about this “Les Histoires Courtes” project and the collaboration with artists, including Viclambart? Follow this guide.

What are Short Stories?

Short stories (leshistoirescourtes) is first and foremost an Instagram account. On this platform, dozens of artists cooperate together to bring life, through comics, messages and scenes of everyday life. As her tagline states on her Instagram profile, "mini-stories made by an author and artists." Stories without beginning or end, “we are right in the middle of it.” The author of the texts is Baptiste Szuwarski.

Les Histoires Courtes (leshistoirescourtes) now has over 590 stories on its Instagram account to cheer up readers with quirky and short stories as the name of the page suggests.

Short stories (leshistoirescourtes), this creative illustration initiative on Instagram, which is a bit out of the ordinary, is the work of a collective of artists, gathered around a common project: to write and create very very short stories (obviously). Publications or posts with illustrations by illustrators of all kinds, art directors, typographers, motion designers, tattoo artists, visual artists... In short, lots of different looks that bring a lot to the project and bring different colors to the arts published on the Short Stories (short stories).

Where does the concept of Short Stories on Instagram come from?

The concept of illustrating Short Stories (short stories) on Instagram is simple. Baptiste Szuwarski writes short (very) stories, which are interpreted by artists with a drawing or illustration(s) and post them on Instagram. Famous artists like the graphic designer Tikeo Johan (tikeojohan), Marie-Lou Lesage (les_petites_meufs), Viclamb Art (viclambart), or even Cordélia. Innovative ideas to promote the participation of specific illustrators: a good way to make them known also on the Instagram social network.

The copywriter does creative work for the very famous advertising agency BETC, and his project “Histoires Courtes” (the short stories) takes place mainly on Instagram, where participating artists play and redirect the square formats to create new surprises to every time.

The illustration of Short Stories (short stories) is a project that works really well on social networks like Instagram, but that's not all, because it also serves an important social purpose. Recently, the collective joined forces with the Solidarité Femmes association to launch a day to fight against violence against women, accompanied by four handpicked illustrators: Caroline Laguerre, Lucy Macaroni, She's Angry and Gomargu. Following the famous illustrator on Instagram, Internet users number in the thousands.

But this is only the beginning. Histoire Courtes (short stories) tends to diversify into new media, with a particular focus on book creation. A book that I can't wait for it to come out in bookstores to share this project on social networks.

Wacky stories

For Baptiste, a post, an illustration, drawing or drawing, is the place of interpretation in the freest way of the artists' vision in relation to these conception-writing. Illustrate stories on Instagram in less than 10 thumbnails. Based on somewhat bizarre themes of today's society, this collaboration has given rise to wacky stories, but filled with dark humor, with which any culture can identify.

Ultimately, the styles, people, and reactions are different from the stories and illustration art on the Short Stories (leshistoirescourtes) Instagram account. With nearly 590 stories, every reader will find something to suit them, or at least put a smile on their face. No wonder more than 1,600 people follow this Instagram account @leshistoirescourtes.

Short Stories: the birth of a whole collaboration of artists

In 2019, Baptiste explained the beginning of this beautiful short story on Instagram. Baptiste Szuwarski had already been a big illustration fan for years. He found this artistic field to be rich and vast in terms of possibility and imagination. “I wanted to launch a project with a multitude of illustrators from different worlds.” The text illustration by comics on Instagram was quite experimental at first, rather intimate. With the first illustrators, Baptiste had no idea of ​​the magnitude of this project, and the emergence of Instagram participated in the improvement of the project “Les Histoires courtes” (leshistoirescourtes).

For Baptiste Szuwarski, collaborations on Instagram between artists are an incredible asset. Each story is an exercise in style, but it is also an encounter. He was able to lead the project on Instagram with many very talented artists from very different backgrounds. “It was my first wish and it's only blossoming to this day. For us, it's a zone of freedom and experimentation. The story is so short that you can take inspiration from everything on Instagram. Focus on fun details, find interesting topics and characters, and build a story around them.” says Baptiste Szuwarski again in 2019.

Viclambart, arts and culture Blasian

Art, illustration and mixed culture are not new to Viclmabart. Indeed, a street-art artist, he is the instigator of the BDLFVL Gallery Concept Store. An online store that highlights a French concept of luxury and arts to highlight streetwear, resulting from the interbreeding of African and Asian culture, known as Afroasiatic or Blasian. The Korean and African inspiration of this street-art artist Viclambrat pushed him far from Korea, his origin. Les arts vilamb landed in France by providing underground styles to young people, bringing back African-American styles like that of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Small, and many others. Debuting in 2019, around the same year as Histoires Courtes (leshistoirescourtes), this street-art shop offers various products and bundles (lots) of streetwear.

It is the best and the most original in terms of clothing graphics and illustrations of arts and street-art. With streetwear, techwear, chic, artistic, psychedelic lifestyle fashion and a sharp and innovative artistic direction, the current definition of a boutique has taken many forms.

The arts: Viclambart's graphic designs and illustrations are the result of years of hard work, creativity, research and testing. And as he says himself, hard work always pays off.

The illustrated street-art concept POLAR BEAR, for example, is the result of a collaboration with a famous Parisian textile printer and made the cover of the HIP-HOP EXPERIMENTAL album. It was unveiled during the WHO'S NEXT (WNS) 2012 show alongside a series of three other visuals carried by a journalist from a well-known television channel at the time.

Viclambart, the street-art artist and the Short Stories

His style of art and illustration and abstract, tribal, psychedelic, African and underground graphics has made the artist Viclambart a new image of Blasian culture in the world, and in France. These arts, drawings and illustrations did not go unnoticed by other artists who wanted to promote this alternative, Afro-Asian idea, combining contemporary art and Blasian art. Baptiste Szuwarski, in his concept of collaboration with illustrators, also turned to the talents of Viclambart to illustrate a comic book post for the Instagram account of Les Histoires Courtes. It was not long in coming. @viclambart's illustration arts on Instagram have been hits for Les Histoires Courtes' Instagram account. The illustration in this Instagram post only confirmed the talents of the street-art artist, with his psychedelic and slightly wacky ideas.

Thus, on September 21, 2020, on Instagram, Viclambart's viclamb style was able to illustrate the front page of the Histoires Courtes Instagram account (leshistoirescourtes) with these 4 unusual vignettes, illustration of Baptiste's texts: "We said to ourselves see you in 10 years. Same day, same time, same planet. In light years we waste less time. And zorby now has his 8th head.”

And the story continues...

With compositions in the colors of his street-art creations in the Viclambart, the artist Viclambart has been able to impose his brand and his arts on the Instagram page of Baptiste Szuwarski's Short Stories (leshistoirescourtes).

This collaboration with Baptiste and Les Histoires Courtes (leshistoirescourtes) on Instagram is just the beginning for our artist Viclambart. Indeed, apart from the illustrative arts on street-art and streetwear (hooded sweatshirts, shorts and pants, etc.) that he offers to young people, whether on the site, or on his Instagram account @viclambart, the artist also provides drawings and comics (The Gospel of Viclamb) from his incredible imagination, but reflecting and telling many stories. The drawings of the artist Viclambart, which, let us remember, take us to several chic and luxury cultures, highlight the Blasian culture.

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