BDFVL GALLERY-Where psychedelic art meets streetwear

Where psychedelic art meets streetwear

Psychedelic art you say? The Viclamb has more than one trick up its sleeve... or rather in its hood. Yes, because the Viclamb, masterpiece of the artist Viclambart, is above all a shop selling clothes and clothes with a streetwear design. Fruit of a long research, passion and creation, streetwear (street wear) and sportswear from the BDLFVL Gallery Concept store, exhibits and sells a whole range of brands and collections of hoodies, pants, shorts and many other works of art, resulting from the marriage of different Afro, Asian, and Western cultures. What are his streetwear and sportswear brands? Find out more details about these works of art in this article.

What is Viclambart and Viclambar? Who is it ?

Are you passionate about streetwear, art or looking for original techwear (for a successful streetwear look) that conveys an alternative and psychedelic universe?

The art of Vicamb

Viclamb's clothing collection is art, in its purest form. Whether you are a scooter or BMX enthusiast, skateboarder, or urban dancer, there is a wide choice of sportswear and streetwear categories in the store in Paris. But the art of the creator Viclmabart is not limited to these targets. His brand and his collection of clothes goes even further, to reach followers of Blasian and underground culture.

The art of Viclambart

As for Viclambart, he is a creative artist of Franco-Congolese origin and both composer and designer. For his art, Viclambart draws inspiration from Blasian or Afro-Asian culture to illustrate his clothes, including hoodies, pants and shorts.

Trendy streetwear and sportswear

The fashion of streetwear (street wear) is not worn just anyhow. Dressing in streetwear and or sportswear requires style. Very fashionable for young people in recent years, mainly due to the emergence of k-pop culture, streetwear and sportswear is above all composed of sweatshirts and pants that are both casual and sporty, accompanied by sneakers and caps (in summer) or beanie in winter.

This fashion, initiated by the famous African-American artists Tupac Shakur or Notorious Big, is re-invading the wardrobes of young hip hop dancers and street artists today, whether in the States, in South Asia. South East, or in Europe (France, Paris etc…). Currently, streetwear (street wear) is number 1 in the new street fashion (street fashion).

Viclamb and its products

As Viclambart says, welcome to the famous Viclamb, the world of psychedelic art. A new world of personal cosmology in vogue in recent years, where you can find clothing products such as hooded sweatshirts or hoodies, pants, jackets, caps, smartphone cases, paintings, drawings, stickers and who says underground culture necessarily says music.

Viclamb sweatshirts and pants

The sweatshirts, from the BDFLVL store, at an unbeatable price, form a large category, called All Over Unisex. The category of hoodies or hoodies has no less than 30 models of all colors and all equally unique.

Made of 70% polyester and 27% cotton, this cotton fabric garment is soft to the touch and has an overlock seam. With a brushed fleece interior. The sweatshirt has a double hood with color patterns on both sides. The entire collection of the store is Unisex. You will also receive the cords on delivery.

In the BDFLVL shop, the All Over Unisex hoodie or hoodie (Psychedelic streetwear fashion luxury art) collection each tells a story. Of course, like any streetwear worthy of the name, each collection is accompanied by pants or shorts (Psychedelic streetwear fashion art de luxe) just as colorful as the hoodies. Indeed, each model of clothing of each category can be purchased separately, but it can also form a combination for each collection.

The art and the universe of streetwear and sportswear in Viclamb

Viclambart alias Jalel Urkel has never skimped on the means to present his works of art, whether simple paintings, drawings, or even the illustrations and sapology imposed on the clothes on sale in the shop. Indeed, he has once again demonstrated, through his art, the spirit of Viclamb and linked all the products and clothing collections in comic strips “Gospel of Viclamb or the Gospel according to Viclamb”.

The peacock

The Peacock represents love, according to Viclambart. Thus, Viclambart directs its customers and its fans through the PAON Majestueux collection towards streetwear (street wear) hype, hoodies and chic pants, with a bohemian chic design. A collection of clothes made for sport (sportwear), such as street dancing.


The ishes, where the Lord God clothes the man and the woman. This Bermuda-hoodie type collection is the reincarnation of stars through underground sportswear and chic streetwear. It is above all the very image of the Polar Bear collection where the artist began in dressing clothes with the arts of sapology.

Viclamb Music

As an artist, Viclamb's world also immerses itself in music. Although his products (clothes and paintings) are oriented towards the style and the new blasian fashion, and his music towards the Afro hip hop, pop, nerdcore, Rnb, Rap and Psychedelic Jazz style. His art always references famous people and artists from history like Biggie Small, Tupac, Bill Gates, Napoleon, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and many more.

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